Tuesday, August 16, 2005


A whistle blower is a person inside the organization leaking out secrets to an outsider
This is rong, I feel

He cannot and must not leak out confidential info, which he is privy too, while continuing to receive salary from the organization.
He must quit and rite a book

SK Dubey, an IIT Kanpur graduate exposed the corruption in Golden Quadrilateral being undertaken by National Highway Authority of India, by a secret letter to PMO

the letter was leaked, and
He was killed

Investigate Corruption
We plan to conduct investigations of Corruption cases of our own with your help. Our Whistle Blowers team will look at cases reported to us, that merit follow up. We will try to come up with an action plan based on our resources.
Currently, we are focussed on Mr. Dubey's killing. We are not convinced that the CBI will get Satyendra Dubey's family Justice in any reasonable amount of time.
We need help in creating the fact sheet about Mr. Dubey's Murder. We have started with a list of items that come to mind instantaneously. But there are many questions. Please help us find answers to these questions. Help us move items from Unconfirmed list to the Fact Sheet. Use internet, call people and offices in your spare time to get answers to the questions. Interview people as an SK Dubey foundation representative. Get the answers and help us expose corruption and those who support corruption.
We believe that if all of us can help answer one question, we would have more people working on this than CBI ever can. Let everyone know what's the truth. We will keep updating this site as more and more information comes in.
Whistle Blower Bill
First and foremost, we want to show our support to the Whistle Blower Act. To strengthen the basic foundation of the Indian Society, it is essential for the legislature to approve of the Whistle-Blowers Bill (Public Interest Disclosure Bill). This act gives everyone the basic safeguard to fight corruption.,
Most of the opponents of the Whistle Blower act hide behind the shield of possible misuse of this act. With corruption rampant in the Indian system, the probability of its being used for intended purpose far outweighs its misuse.
Satyendra Dubey Fact Sheet
Fact Sheet
Submit a New Fact or a correction to an existing one
Satyendra Dubey was Killed on Nov 27, 2003.
He worked in Koderma as a project manager till August 2003 when he was transferred to Gaya.
Recently Dubey took a departmental test and was promoted as deputy general manager, which made him eligible to take charge as project director.
Dubey had arrived at Gaya railway station from Varanasi around 3 am. However, he did not find his driver at the station and called up his home only to learn that the vehicle had apparently developed some mechanical problem.
He was gunned down near the Gaya Circuit House on Thursday morning.
A mobile phone that was found missing after his murder.
He wrote to the PM on Nov 11, 2002. (We have a copy of the original letter)
In 10 days, the PMO fowarded Dubey’s complaint to his parent Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. (MoRTH). Dubey’s request for anonymity was ignored by the PMO as his personal information was also forwarded.
On December 4, 2002, Dubey’s letter was sent to the NHAI with a copy to NHAI’s Chief Vigilance Officer.
He wrote to NHAI about his fears and was reprimanded about sending the letter to the PMO.
Satyandra's brother, who filed the FIR claimed that his brother was killed by the people whose corruption he exposed.
During his tenure, he got the contractor of the project to suspend five of his engineers after exposing their mishandling of funds? The contrators name is Gammon India.
According to the FIR, Dubey had been facing several threats following his stern action - by who? Response: FIR mentions that due to his honest ways of working, all the corrupt officials were unhappy with him and were loosing a lot of money due to his strict presence. These people could be anyone from officials of NHAI, the contractors or the consultants.
Dubey had arrived at Gaya railway station from Varanasi around 3 am today. However, he did not find his driver at the station and called up his home only to learn that the vehicle had apparently developed some mechanical problem -what problem Response: There were two problems with the car a)The Battery was completely discharged b)Two fuses were blown. A car that dropped him at the railway station 20 hours ago, came back, wasn't taken anywhere else and had a discharged battery and two blown fuses.
According to NHAI officials here, Dubey asked his driver to wait at home while he took a rickshaw back. But he did not reach home and the worried driver apparently went out looking for him, only to find Dubey lying dead near A P colony. - who is the driver? did Dubey take a rickshaw. what does the rickshaw driver know? Response: The driver wasn't his regular driver. His regular driver was on leave for Id. A replacement driver was there for just two days. According to the statements of servant and driver he took the rickshaw. Don't know whether to believe them or not. Moreover the rickshaw driver has not been found yet after 25 days
He was all set to take over as the Project Director in Kodarma next Monday (1 Dec 02). But NHAI denies an order was passed till Thursday (27 Nov 02)? What's the confusion? Response: There was meeting of NHAI officials involving members around 20th november in Bodhgaya. There it was decided that he hasto take charge as Project Director in Koderma within 10 days. Official letter was yet to be issued.
A mobile phone that was found missing after his murder. what else was missing? Response: A suitcase/small carry bag and his purse are also missing. In the raid only cell phone was found and other belongings were not found.
From December 1, he was to join back at Koderma from Gaya where he had actually cut his teeth a year ago. Clarification? Response: He was familiar with place. He had done a lot there to make sure that the money does not go into wrong hands. On his transfer to Gaya about 4 months back he had sarcastically said "This is the reward I have got for good work". So the moment he got chance to go back to Koderma he accepted it.
He was shot by a sophisticated gun not normally used in Bihar - is this true? Response: Yes,The weapon used was pretty sophisticated(not something used by a roadside robbers). The weapon was at least as much sophisticated SP of Gaya's pistol, indicating it was a pretty professional pistol.
Unconfirmed Facts and Questions...
Submit a New Unconfirmed Item or Question? or Answer to one of the questions?
Dubey had written to the NHAI before writing to the Prime minister (and sending a copy to NHAI). If so, where is the letter?
NHAI has rushed in senior officials from Varanasi and Gorakhpur to take stock of the situation and assist the local police in investigations. - What did they find out?
The engineer’s killing comes close on the heels of the murder of two businessmen, a three year old girl and gunshot injuries to an egg wholesaler in broad daylight in the busy commercial area of the town. How were the others killed?, was the same gun used?
We also heard that a rickshawalla (with a white towel on his head) was running away shouting something.
The two "explosion like shots" were heard by a watchman. Response: There was an actual explosion at the site but no one was injured. - Clarification?
What time was Dubey's Body found?
How far is the court house from the station. How did Satyendra go from the station to the court house where he was found dead?
The police suspect someone who found it inconvenient to have Dubey as the director eliminated him. (more info?): Response: All those who were corrupt and whose aim was to loot the public money.
If you have encountered Corruption in India please let us know. We want to create a database of all such cases and document it.

S. K. Dubey Foundation, Inc. is a Not For Profit Foundation organized under the laws of the State of Florida, USA.S. K. Dubey Foundation, Inc. 334 Paterson Plank Road, Jersey City, NJ 07307, USAFax: +1 509-272-0064 Email: foundation@skdubeyfoundation.org


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