Saturday, May 14, 2005

I have a dream dat one day .....

one day, we will have built a community of love, each one of us wud work for love
The $ currency wud be substituted with love currency

when we work for a client or an employer, it wud be a labor of love
and we wud be paid by love

Love cannot be quantified
i wud not charge u for the service rendered

I wud come back to you, when I need your help
I wud not ask for more than I need for the moment
dat wud be agreed

but the product / service generated wud be World class
bcoz it has been crafted by love

In dis community of love, there wud be
No jealousy, no envy
Bcoz all dat u own u wud lovingly share with me

No one in this community wud starve
bcoz if I don’t have food on my table today
I wud walk into your home, and u wud gimme dinner

No dowry, No unhappy widows,
No neglected aged folks
if you are in the US of A and your parents are here
They wud be a part of my family too

No one wud be unloved
If I have a prob dat is worrying me
I wud not hesitate to knock on your door

U might say dat I am a dreamer
But I m not the only one
John Lennon had dis dream, along with Martin Luther King
and Mahatma Gandhi, when he proclaimed dat
u do not own your possessions
Ur just a trustee

Dis community of love has been in existence for a very long time in India
It is the joint family system

where after marriage your children still live under the same roof
the earnings of the family are pooled together
and the material and emotional needs are provided for
by the family members

but under the western influence
it is breaking up into nuclear families

So now we purchase more cars, TV’s, fridges, AC’s
We now have more material things
But less and less of Love
more stressful living
and more suicides

Nafissa wud not have hanged herself
if she lived in dis community of love

Let us go back to our roots
and discard the western life style
and once again build a community of love
in the tradition of the joint family system
and one day this community wud encompass the whole world



Ashes said...

you sometimes aren't as big an asshole as you pretend yerself to be.But yeah you are a dreamer.And even if all was love,people would still be kiling and be fake and stupid.shit! i hate 'em.i hate ya'll.

Anonymous said...

saby I gott to tell you I liked what you wrote here

saby said...

i gott to tell u
i didnt rite dis

i just held the pen
it was ritten by God

u see, i was in a state of high
where my mind starts racing

and i loose control of my mind
and i cud have gott completely deranged

it was such a strong force
it cud only have come from God or the Devil

Anonymous said...

saby most of the times yr thoughts transcends everything else.

Anonymous said...

.. heard security alert along west coast.

saby said...

heyyyy Minnie,
dis aint fair

when u walk on to a nude beach
u cant wear a towel
while u peek at the guys tings

uno all about me
my innermost tots and desires

ino nutting about u
its time u let dat towel fall for me

tell me by email if u wish

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


who the fuck sent dat security alert
she was just about to drop the towel

Anonymous said...

ooooohhhhhh Minnie,
received yr mail

'i felt the earth move under my feet ....... '

Anonymous said...

haha..good to know you're safe mr.saby

musings (m000nie) said...

a very beautiful thought...

today everyone has wants n desires which r materialistic... car, house, life of luxuries etc... a false sense of security... but how many claim they want to live with their parents??... how many want to live together in a joint family??... very few that i have come across...

Anonymous said...

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